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Pitching Web3 Projects to a Web2 Audience

We Are Now in Web2.5

...building products and services for Web3 but needing to onboard customers from Web2. 

We won't get them to Web3 if we continue to make marketing content that only Web3 experts can understand. Web3 projects will only succeed if we make content that the average person can easily grasp. 

Then everyone will flock to Web3 because they will understand WHY Web3 products and services will enhance their lives, WHAT Web3 products and services actually do, and HOW to use them.


The current Web3 Branded Content is dry, boring, complicated, full of jargon and buzzwords, esoteric, and requires Web3 knowledge.

Introducing  We make Web3 Branded Content that is entertaining, appealing, compelling, clear, accessible, and easy for anyone to understand.

Let's Make Some Content

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